Impress Your Dog Senior geperste hondenvoeding

3 KG & 12.5 KG

+ ideal for your senior dog
+ naturally nutritious
+ salmon oil
+ wheat gluten free

from 8 years onwards

from 7 years onwards

from 6 years onwards

Impress Your Dog Senior

Wholesome food may very well be the single most important factor for a happy and healthy life. Just consider your own diet. Would you not want your older dog to stay in radiant health? The ideal composition of Impress Your Dog Senior, meaning a lower protein, fat and phosphorus content and added vitamin E, will make your senior dog enjoy his life to the full!

Impress Your Dog Senior is a complete food for senior dogs of all breeds.

Ideal for your senior dog

How much food for your senior dog?

The feeding schedule below makes it easy to find the right amount of food for your dog. Check your dogs current weight in the upper bar and select its age in months. This simple method shows you the right amount of food per day for your dog. Stick to the nutrition plan, but make adjustments to the plan to maintain your dog's ideal weight if necessary. Divide the daily amount of food over two or more meals per day.

Voedingsschema Impress Your Dog Senior
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corn, poultry (20%), rice, meat mixture (13%), extract of animal protein (9%), hemoglobin, hydrolysed chicken liver, salmon oil (0.7%), yeast, minerals 

Analytical constituents

crude protein 20%, crude fat 6%, crude fibre 2.5%, crude ash 4%, moisture 10%, calcium 0.9%, phosphorus 0.6%


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